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    360 KB: Cambridge University Press: Cambridge Global Books Collection

    What is Cambridge Global Books Collection from provider Cambridge University Press?

    In order to maintain accurate and authoritative provider metadata (based on our Knowledgebase collection policy), we have added a new collection to the Knowledgebase to accurately reflect title lists given to us from Cambridge University Press.


    Cambridge Global Books Collection (DBID: AAAAZ) includes currently sold titles from the Cambridge Books collection as well as all currently sold titles from the partner publishers. This one database includes titles from the following:

    • Cambridge Books (DBID: FH2)

    • Anthem Press (DBID: AFKAX)

    • Boydell & Brewer (DBID: AAMCN)

    • Edinburgh University Press (DBID: ABRTE)

    • Emirates Center for Strategic Study and Research (DBID: AGDYL)

    • Foundation Books (DBID: ABHUC)

    • ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (DBID: AEZEW)

    • Jagiellonian University Press (DBID: ABFIA)

    • Liverpool University Press (DBID: AAGCS)

    • Mathematical Association of America (DBID: RW~)

    • Royal Economic Society (DBID: AMXVW)

    • University of Adelaide Press (DBID: AAMHX)

    Please note that there are titles you may have perpetual access to in Cambridge Books (DBID: FH2) that are no longer sold by Cambridge University Press and thus are not in the current title lists given to us. These titles will need to continue to be tracked in Cambridge Books (DBID: FH2) for continued access.


    This does not change the current content of any of the databases mentioned above and all of the mentioned databases will continue to be updated. All of the above databases will continue to remain active and the titles trackable in the 360 Knowledgebase. Cambridge Global Books Collection is another option to track purchased Cambridge University Press content.