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    360 KB: IBISWorld Databases: Some Databases Will Be Hidden -- April 2022

    What is happening to some IBISWorld databases?

    ProQuest currently has zero titles databases from provider IBISWorld in the Knowledgebase. Some of these databases no longer align with the provider's offerings.

    In order to maintain accurate and authoritative provider metadata (based on the Knowledgebase collection policy), the below databases will be hidden in the Knowledgebase on April 14, 2022.

    DB name DB code
    IBISWorld with Global Reports 2RN
    IBISWorld iExpert 3KC
    Australia Industry Wizard AAFXE
    IBISWorld UK Industry Reports AAWWI
    ProcurementIQ ABBER
    Australia Industry Archives ABHCM
    Canada Industry Wizard ADAPB
    IBISWorld USA Industry ADAZB
    Australia Company Wizard AERQP
    Australia Company Lists AFVKP
    Australia Industry Lists AGQMR
    Australia Risk Scores Listings AILHU
    IBISWorld UK Brexit Impact Statements BDJCU
    IBISWorld Industry Risk Ratings CRY
    IBISWorld Company Research CSG
    IBISWorld Economic & Demographic Data CSH
    IBISWorld Canadian Collection H0I
    IBISWorld Industry Market Research IBH
    IBISWorld China & Global JPP
    IBISWorld Business Environment LGU
    IBISWorld UK T97



    • Article last edited: 14-APR-2022