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    360 KB: Wiley-Blackwell Subject Backfiles: Database Migration and Retirement -- June 2018

    What is happening to the databases Wiley-Blackwell Subject Backfiles?

    The Wiley-Blackwell branded Subject Backfiles databases will be retired. In their place, we have already created and are maintaining Wiley Online Library branded Subject Backfiles databases.

    In order to maintain accurate and authoritative provider metadata (based on our Knowledgebase collection policy), all titles will be removed from the following databases and they will be hidden in the Knowledgebase on June 15, 2018. The databases will become a zero-titles databases, and no future subscriptions will be possible.

    Please note: as with all Wiley subscriptions, the provider retains discretion to update the titles -- both number and content -- contained in each package. For that reason, there may not be a 1:1 match of titles from retired collection to current collection. Since we update these collections using metadata supplied directly by Wiley, inquiries about specific title additions/deletions would be best directed to your Wiley sales representative. If you are indeed entitled to journals beyond what is in a given collection, please track the title(s) individually via the Wiley Online Library All Backfiles (database code 1OB).

    We have prepared the following map, also available as an Excel spreadsheet, showing the mapping from old databases to new databases.

    Old Database Name Old Database Code New Database Name New Database Code
    Wiley-Blackwell Allergy, Immunology & Respiratory Backfiles 3U5 Wiley Online Library Allergy Backfiles AOETA
    Wiley-Blackwell Analytical Sciences Backfiles WRJ Wiley Online Library Analytical Science Backfiles AQPKS
    Wiley-Blackwell Anesthesia & Intensive Care Backfiles 3U6 Wiley Online Library Anesthesia Backfiles AUOVR
    Wiley-Blackwell Aquaculture and Fish Sciences Backfiles WRN Wiley Online Library Aquaculture Backfiles BGJEQ
    Wiley-Blackwell Biology Backfiles WRW Wiley Online Library Biology Backfiles BIYOS
    Wiley-Blackwell Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Biophysics Backfiles WSB Wiley Online Library Biotechnology Backfiles BLYAC
    Wiley-Blackwell Business and Management Backfiles WSG Wiley Online Library Business Backfiles BMKGK
    Wiley-Blackwell Cardiology Backfiles 3U7 Wiley Online Library Cardiology Backfiles BPMNR
    Wiley-Blackwell Cell and Developmental Biology Backfiles WYB Wiley Online Library Cell Biology Backfiles BQCPF
    Wiley-Blackwell Chemistry Backfiles WSQ Wiley Online Library Chemistry Backfiles BTSUX
    Wiley-Blackwell Chemistry Societies Backfiles WSR Wiley Online Library Chemistry Societies Backfiles BZBRT
    Wiley-Blackwell Chemistry Societies II Backfiles RK2 Wiley Online Library Chemistry Societies II Backfiles BZXJU
    Wiley-Blackwell Civil Engineering Backfiles WST Wiley Online Library Civil Engineering Backfiles CKXBT
    Wiley-Blackwell Communications Technology, Electrical & Systems Engineering Backfiles WSX Wiley Online Library Communications Backfiles CMOOK
    Wiley-Blackwell Computer Science Backfiles WSZ Wiley Online Library Computer Science Backfiles CWDTD
    Wiley-Blackwell Dentistry Backfiles WTA Wiley Online Library Dentistry Backfiles CWXXS
    Wiley-Blackwell Dermatology Backfiles 3U3 Wiley Online Library Dermatology Backfiles CYRXZ
    Wiley-Blackwell Earth and Environmental Sciences Backfiles WTB Wiley Online Library Earth Science Backfiles DDYGU
    Wiley-Blackwell Economics, Finance and Accounting Backfiles WTD Wiley Online Library Economics Backfiles DJZPD
    Wiley-Blackwell Education Backfiles WTG Wiley Online Library Education Backfiles DRMBU
    Wiley-Blackwell Food Science, Technology and Agriculture Backfiles WTI Wiley Online Library Food Science Backfiles DROCM
    Wiley-Blackwell Gastroenterology & Hepatology Backfiles 3U4 Wiley Online Library Gastroenterology Backfiles DTERQ
    Wiley-Blackwell General Medicine Backfiles 3U8 Wiley Online Library General Medicine Backfiles DUUFO
    Wiley-Blackwell Genetics and Evolution Backfiles WTM Wiley Online Library Genetics Backfiles DVXWH
    Wiley-Blackwell Geography and Development Backfiles WTN Wiley Online Library Geography Backfiles EAYBP
    Wiley-Blackwell Hematology Backfiles 3U9 Wiley Online Library Hemotology Backfiles EGARE
    Wiley-Blackwell History & Archaeology Backfiles WTO Wiley Online Library History and Archaeology Backfiles EIUAP
    Wiley-Blackwell Infectious Disease & Clinical Microbiology Backfiles 3UA Wiley Online Library Infectious Diseases Backfiles ELTNK
    Wiley-Blackwell Language & Linguistics Backfiles WTV Wiley Online Library Language Backfiles ERBFP
    Wiley-Blackwell Law Backfiles WTW Wiley Online Library Law Backfiles EWFAN
    Wiley-Blackwell Literature, Cultural Studies and Art Backfiles WTX Wiley Online Library Literature Backfiles EXPNX
    Wiley-Blackwell Materials Science Backfiles WTY Wiley Online Library Material Science Backfiles FOJGT
    Wiley-Blackwell Mathematics Backfiles WUB Wiley Online Library Mathematics Backfiles FSPIC
    Wiley-Blackwell Medicine and Nursing Backfiles WUP    
    Wiley-Blackwell Microbiology Backfiles WUS Wiley Online Library Microbiology Backfiles FSRTE
    Wiley-Blackwell Natural Sciences and Taxonomy Backfiles WVB Wiley Online Library Natural Sciences Backfiles FUANQ
    Wiley-Blackwell Neurology, Neurosurgery & Pain Medicine Backfiles 3UB Wiley Online Library Neurology Backfiles FYBCS
    Wiley-Blackwell Neuroscience Backfiles 2WM Wiley Online Library Neuroscience Backfiles GAKWD
    Wiley-Blackwell Numerical Engineering  Backfiles WVC Wiley Online Library Numerical Engineering Backfiles GBZZK
    Wiley-Blackwell Nursing Backfiles 3UC Wiley Online Library Nursing Backfiles GJSGG
    Wiley-Blackwell Oncology Backfiles 3UD Wiley Online Library Oncology Backfiles GLUZI
    Wiley-Blackwell Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Backfiles 3UE Wiley Online Library Pathology Backfiles GSXLS
    Wiley-Blackwell Pharmacology and Toxicology Backfiles 3UF Wiley Online Library Pharmacology Backfiles GWYGA
    Wiley-Blackwell Philosophy Backfiles WVD Wiley Online Library Philosophy Backfiles GXZFM
    Wiley-Blackwell Physics and Astronomy Backfiles WVI Wiley Online Library Physics Backfiles GYQRN
    Wiley-Blackwell Politics Backfiles WVO Wiley Online Library Politics Backfiles GYVNG
    Wiley-Blackwell Polymer Backfiles WVP Wiley Online Library Polymer Backfiles GYXMG
    Wiley-Blackwell Psychology Backfiles WVR Wiley Online Library Psychology Backfiles HAOEW
    Wiley-Blackwell Radiology Backfiles 3UG Wiley Online Library Radiology Backfiles HDBZQ
    Wiley-Blackwell Religion and Theology Backfiles WVU Wiley Online Library Religion Backfiles HECOF
    Wiley-Blackwell Sociology, Social Policy, Social Welfare and Anthropology Backfiles WWA Wiley Online Library Sociology Backfiles HJTFB
    Wiley-Blackwell Surgery Backfiles 3UH Wiley Online Library Surgery Backfiles HJTMK
    Wiley-Blackwell Transplantation Backfiles 3UI Wiley Online Library Transplantation Backfiles HKTDT
    Wiley-Blackwell Tribology Backfiles WWT Wiley Online Library Tribology Backfiles HSXTT
    Wiley-Blackwell Urology and Nephrology Backfiles 3UJ Wiley Online Library Urology Backfiles HUVQT
    Wiley-Blackwell Veterinary Medicine Backfiles WXA Wiley Online Library Veterinary Backfiles HVLQZ


    Action you need to take:

    • Update the holdings in your Intota or Client Center profile by subscribing to the new database instead of the old database.  For information on how to update your profile, and considerations prior to removing the old database from your profile:
      • Intota users click here.
      • Client Center users click here.
    • If you are a 360 MARC Updates client and have requested the custom specification that adds direct URLs or database specific information to MARC records, you can expect to see some change records when you get your MARC records after June 15, 2018.

    • Article last edited: 23-April-2018