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    360 Core: how to generate a "View Changes" report for specific time range?

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center


    How can I generate a report of “View Changes” for specific time period?


    1. Download Get_view_chage_log_CC.xlsm

    2. Open the file (Excel may send a security warning for using macro)

    3. UserForm1 is displayed.
    3. Click "Go" button next to the address bar

    4. In Client Center login screen within UserForm1, enter login credentials and click "Log In" button

    5. In Client Center Home, under "Manage Your Library" section, click "View Change". More details of View Changes are available at  360 Core: View Changes Guide 

    6. In the first page of View Changes, select Start Date, End Date and Event Type, then click "Search" button.

    7. Once search results are displayed, click "Get View Change Logs” button. 

    8. Logs will be stored in current Worksheet.

    Running a report for a long range of time may load your local working station, and it may take long time. We advise to run reports few times for short periods of time, and aggregate the data on a local file.

    • Article last edited: 25-Jan-2018