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    360 Core : Previously Subscribed titles set to "not tracked" in selectable databases

    • Product: 360 Core


    The library tracks a database in Data Management using the Selectable Database Option to only subscribe to a subset of titles in a database.  After a routine update of the database by the KnowledgeWorks Team, previously subscribed titles are set to "not tracked."


    This is a known issue. The problem is rooted in the way data is structured in the system, and the way the system interprets that data.  KnowledgeWorks identifies holdings based on the title and "identifier" (ISSN or ISBN) pairing. If either the title or the identifier changes, the system treats it as an entirely different holding.

    This issue occurs because a provider database has been updated and the title metadata we received from the vendor differed from what the vendor previously provided. Since the system treats these as new and different holdings, the selectable database logic notes that these titles were not selected previously, so they will remain "Not Tracked." Of course, the library did have those titles tracked previously, but the system is not able to determine that, for the reasons outlined above.

    Due to the nature of the issue a fix will be a very involved process and will take time. The issue only affects databases which have been made selectable (where the 'We subscribe to only some of the titles in this database' box has been checked), especially when titles have not been normalized. Once titles in the database have been normalized the impact of this issue is minimized and in some instances is removed entirely. Our catalogers on staff continue to increase the levels of normalization in KnowledgeWorks, so this issue becomes increasingly less common.


    Moving forward, it is recommended that the library runs more frequent Data on Demand Reports, as often as twice a month. This way the library will have two copies per month of holdings data. If any selectable databases' titles are dropped, the Data on Demand report will have a reference in place in Client Center to re-select the titles.

    If you need assistance with re-selecting titles, please contact Support via the Support Portal link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

    The following Management Reports can also be helpful for proactively identifying titles that were dropped from subscription status in a database and might need to be added back:

    KB Updates – Added Titles
    KB Updates – Removed Titles

    Additional Information

    See 360 Core : Data on Demand for instructions on running regular reports for your library

    See 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter: Management Reports


    • Article last edited: 1-Aug-2023