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    Summon and 360 Link: Resources That are Linked Directly in Results

    • Product: 360 Link

    Which resources are directly linked to the content provider from the Summon results screen? Does this kind of linking occur in non-Summon searches too?

    This page is part of a larger set of documentation about: linking in Summon, linking in 360 Link.

    Some resources use direct linking all the time, while other resources only use direct linking when certain conditions apply.

    (Summon only:) Library Catalog records with content types of e-book, e-journal, or journal with only one 856 link use direct links. If more than one 856 link is present in the MARC record, a link to the catalog will be used instead of a direct link.

    Index Enhanced Direct Linking (IEDL): For a list of providers that require special linking parameters, see Summon and 360 Link: Index-Enhanced Direct Linking Special Providers.

    The necessary proxy configuration for some providers can differ from what is usually used to access those providers; the appropriate proxy address(es) are noted in the Domains column of the spreadsheet.

    Given the limitations of our report generator we are unable to 100% verify every domain listed, so there very well may be an occasional domain listed that is actually not relevant for that provider. If you encounter such a domain, we would appreciate it if you use the Feedback button at the bottom of this article to report the domain to us so that we can remove the domain from future versions of the spreadsheet.

    For more information related to Summon, see:

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014

    • Last Edited Date: 28-Feb-2019

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