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    360 MARC Updates: Replace ILS Records with 360 MARC Records

    • Product: 360 MARC Updates

    How do I replace current records we have in our system (that we cataloged ourselves or received from other vendors) with the new 360 MARC Updates records?

    Our expertise is in tracking the holdings for your library and customizing records according to your requirements. We cannot advise on the best way to clean up the records in your ILS because of variations in ILS implementation and local practices. ProQuest only supports the use 'Serials Solutions ID' (added to 001 and 035 fields or any other field based on the client's request) as the match point for overlaying records.

    While cleaning up the catalog the library needs to make sure that records for print, microfilm or CD-ROM formats are not removed. ProQuest supplies only records for your electronic (online) holdings. If you use the single-record approach and have records with both print and electronic holdings, you should exercise extra caution while removing electronic holdings. Some clients have done some clean up work by matching on OCLC and ISSN numbers, as well as title. However, title is the least reliable data point for such a project.

    The 'Serials Solutions ID' is again the only match point that we support. However, if needed, we can leave OCLC numbers from 035 fields in CONSER and NLM online records. However, some of the records we supply are CONSER print, microfilm, CD-Rom records, thus they will not have electronic OCLC number. Serials Solutions Original records, supplemental brief records and vendor records do not have OCLC numbers.

    You also might want to post a question to our General Discussion listserv for management and discovery services to see if other 360 MARC Updates users undertook such a project.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 3-Dec-2018
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