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    360 Search: Innovative (III) Proxy Setup for 360 Search

    • Product: 360 Search

    How do we set up our Innovative (III) proxy to work with 360 Search?

    Libraries with Innovative's III proxy need to first rewrite the 360 Search URL using III's syntax, and add this to the proxy configuration file. Remote users will then be able to gain the necessary IP authentication to access 360 Search and the returned results from each database.
    Libraries then post this rewritten, proxied 360 Search URL on their website.
    Patron experience:
    1. Patron goes to library's website and clicks on 360Search link.
    2. On-site patrons will go right to 360 Search; remote patrons will be prompted for a login and then will be directed to 360 Search.
    3. Patrons conduct searches and click on links for returned results to access content.
    4. On-site and remote patrons will already be authenticated and will gain access without any further login requests.
    If you wish to create Custom Search boxes to deploy on your library's web site, please see this answer for instructions on creating Custom Search boxes.
    Once you create Custom Search boxes to deploy on to your library's web site, you will need to edit the generated HTML to include your library's III proxy. You will use the HTML View function as described here to copy the search box code into an HTML editor or text editor, and then follow these instructions for adding your III proxy to the code:
    1. There is a line in the HTML that looks like this: <form action="http://[libhash]" class="SSCentralSearchSearchForm" name="searchForm" method="post" target="new">. This is the instruction to the browser on where to send the form data. In this line, [libhash] will be replaced by your library's actual Serials Solutions client identifier. There will be no need to edit this section. We will need to edit the action="URL" section of this code to include your library's III proxy.
    2. Edit the action="URL" section as follows to include your library's III proxy: <form action="http://0-[libhash]" class="SSCentralSearchSearchForm" name="searchForm" method="post" target="new">:
      1. In this example, the portion of the URL that includes "" should be replaced by your library's III proxy information.
      2. Be sure to include the "0-" at the front of the action URL as well.
      3. Finally, Custom Search boxes work best if the end of the URL is changed from "/results" to "/resultFrameset.jsp"
    3. Save the HTML code in your HTML editor or text editor and run a test search. The first thing you should see is your library's log-in screen. Entering your username and password should allow the search to continue.
    4. Once the search is completed, check the result URLs. They should also include your library's III proxy information, and will allow your users to pass through to their selected resources without further challenge.
    If you are experiencing difficulty in creating and editing Custom Search boxes to work with your library's III proxy, please use the Support Portal option menu near the top of this page to request assistance.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 13-Feb-2014
    • Old Article Number: 7454