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    ARC_ADMIN: Undefined variable ; ARC_VERSION: Undefined variable

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We have just started working on ALEPH configuration for ARC.

    1. There are prof_library under many subdirectories, e.g. abc50, abc01. Do we need to just define one under abc50 or more than one?

    2. After defining prof_library under abc50, I run the command "sqlplus $ARC_ADMIN/'get_ora_passwd $ARC_ADMIN'@$ARC_TWO_TASK" but got the error:
    "ARC_ADMIN: Undefined variable". Should something to be restarted after defining prof_library?

    3. When I run "csh -f p_arc_01_test", I got the error "active_library: Undefined variable".

    1. Each library has a prof_library in its $data_root, regardless of whether ARC is implemented or not, but it is only the ADM (abc50) prof_library which needs to have the "Reporting Center Definitions".

    2. After adding the ARC lines to prof_library, you need to dlib to a different library and then dlib back to abc50. It is dlib-ing to a library which makes the prof_library take effect. You can use the following command to confirm that the ARC lines are active:

    > echo $ARC_ADMIN

    3. This "active_library: Undefined variable" error message indicates that you are not dlib-ed to vcu50. dlib to abc50 before submitting it.

    When I try "csh -f p_arc_01_test" now I do not get that error, I get:

    ARC_VERSION: Undefined variable

    You need to add an "ARC_VERSION" line to prof_library.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013