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    Authority change not updating bib records

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    After changing the preferred term in an AUT record the corresponding heading field in BIB record is not updated. See Additional Information below for a specific example.

    [Note: If you *don't* see the authority record in the xxx01 ue_08 log or in the bib Headings, then you should consult Article 000043783 ("New authority record doesn't generate bib links") instead of this article.]

    At least four things need to be in place for the bib update to occur:

    (1) The authority record can't have a UPD field with "N". (The default is "Y"). The ue_08 log shows this value.
    Example: "AUT DOC : EXU10 - 000000371 Marc type : 1 Update doc : N Update flag : cab"..

    (2) The xxx01 tab01 line for the field (in this case, the 650#2 line) needs to have the correct index in its tab01.eng column 7. (In this case, it should be "SUM".).

    (3) ue_01 will do this processing *only* if an appropriate UE_01 entry is present in the xxx01/tab/tab_fix. The required entry is:

    UE_01 fix_doc_ref_1

    (Note: At one time there was a "fix_doc_ref" program and your tab_fix may reference that program. These references should be changed to "fix_doc_ref_1".)

    Descriptions of fix_doc_ref_1 and other fix_doc routines are included in the "Fix Records" section of the "System Librarian's Guide -- Cataloging".

    (4) In version 17-up ue_08 always creates a z07; see Article 000043869 ("Preventing flipping of bib record heading-fields by ue_08/ue_01").

    The Staff User’s Guide – Authorities, especially section 3.6 ("Authority Control Setup"), is relevant to this topic.

    Note: Article 000043869 is a complementary article for *preventing* automatic update of bib record heading-fields from authority headings (Link below).

    Additional Information

    Specific Example:  
    We changed the heading for MeSH authority record# 51272 from "Antibiotics" to "Anti-bacterial agents".  We do see authority rec 51272 in the xxx01 ue_08 log and the changed heading appears in the bib Headings index.  But the bib records containing this heading have not been changed.

    Article link:  Preventing flipping of bib record heading-fields by ue_08/ue_01

    Category: Cataloging

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013