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    Course Reserve documents don't show up in the Documents list

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Certain documents appear in the Web OPAC Course Reserve database (and in the GUI), but don't appear under the course in the staff Web Course Reading/Reserve function. We get the message "There are no documents belonging to this course" (or the list displays with the title and other columns blank).


    Both the Web OPAC and the GUI base their display on the (Z01) ACC CRN index, while the staff Course Reserve uses the (Z11) Direct CNO index, plus the Z13 short doc file.

    If the document has Z01 entries but lacks the Z11 or Z13, you will see this symptom.

    You can use the following SQL to check for a particular document:

    SQL-xxx30> select * from z11 where Z11_DOC_ NUMBER = 'nnnnnnnnn';

    SQL-xxx30> select * from z13 where Z13_REC_KEY = 'nnnnnnnnn';

    <where "nnnnnnnnn" is the xxx30 doc number>.

    Or this SQL to check generally:

    SQL-xxx30> select count(*) from z00;

    SQL-xxx30> select count(*) from z11 where Z11_REC_KEY like 'CNO%';

    SQL-xxx30> select count(*) from z13;

    The number of z13's should be equal to the number of z00's. The number of CNO z11's should be at least 10% of the z00's.

    To recreate the Z11, run p_manage_05 (for the xxx30 library); to recreate the Z13 short docs, run p_manage_07.

    Additional Information

    faq, course reading, reserves, z11, z01, ACC CRN, z13, CNO, item, manage_05, faq

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013