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    Course Reserves library - type ITM links missing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    I have found that p_manage_12 on our ABC30 course reserve library created way too few records (about 10% of expected) though there are no errors in the log file from the weekend. Was there a table change or something which should have been done for Aleph 18? Any other idea why this might have had so few links created to the bib records? How can we address this?

    The xxx30 z103 can have two z103_lkr_type's: ITM and ADM. The ADM's are direct links from the xxx30 Connection Record to the xxx50 record; the ITM's are where the CR record is connected to a bib record {and the CR is connected indirectly to the item (via the bib)} or a link from the ADM record to the xxx30 doc record.

    The ITM links are generated by running p_manage_12 in the xxx30 library; the ADM links, by running it in the xxx50.

    In order for the ITM links to be produced, xxx30 tab_z103 has to have the line: update_z103_course. I see that the ABC30 tab_z103 does have this line.

    But SQL shows that there are only 4 ITM links:
    s+ abc30
    SQL-ABC30> select count(*) from z103 where z103_lkr_type = 'ITM';

    Running p_manage_12 in the ADM library should *not* cause the ITM links to be deleted. Anyway, you need to run p_manage_12 for abc30, specifying "N,Y". (In one case the site found that this did not work; the job ran for 8 hours, never completing.)

    If you find that this does not correct the problem, do this::

    1. Run p_manage_12 for abc30, specifying "Y,Y". (The ADM links will be deleted, but the proper ITM links should be created.)

    2. Use this SQL to repopulate the abc30 z103 with the ADM links:
    s+ abc30
    SQL-ABC30> insert into z103 select * from ABC50.Z103 where ABC50.Z103_REC_KEY_1 like 'ABC30%' minus select * from z103;

    It was also necessary to use sql to restore HOL links to CRS that were also removed by p_manage_12.

    Additional Information

    manage_12 p-manage-12

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013