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    Regression in PDS version 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 when using Shibboleth

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local



    PDS version included with Aleph 23, SP 23.0.03 and Aleph 22, SP 22.1.06 is not working and contains broken perl code for Shibboleth.


    We use SAML based SSO (Shibboleth SP at ALEPH side and SimpleSAMLphp as IdP )


    Apache error log contains lot of lines :


    [Thu Aug 18 19:53:50 2016] [error] [client] Can't locate object method "TService_line_shib_charset" via package "params"

    (perhaps you forgot to load "params"?) at /exlibris/aleph/a23_1/pds/service_proc/ line 147., referer:



    Fixing error does not help to get PDS working, still resulting in an empty screen on web browser.


    Download file from the ftp server.


    1) Backup existing file in $pdsroot/service_proc


    2) Download file from ftp server:


    - Go to $pdsroot/service_proc on your Aleph server

    - Connect as user Outgoing to

    - cd hotfix

    - get



    Additional Information

    Access details for ftp user Outgoing can be found in article FTP passwords for European customers 

    • Article last edited: 08-September-2016
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