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    Unable to download SPs

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    When using the util sp menu. I select option 2 to download the latest SP. After that, I select option 3 to check on the progress, and almost immediately it indicates that there are no download files. I suspect that we do not have the correct ftp username and password for the SP installs. When I attempt to connect to the ftp server with the credentials we have, I get an error saying the username or password is invalid.

    I tried running the ftp command directly on your server to ours and got this error message:

    421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection

    I found other incidents in our database where this error indicated a firewall problem. You may need to either open the firewall for our server and the standard FTP port or possibly to allow the FTP service through your firewall. This latter seems more likely, as I am able to connect, but cannot do any FTP operations (such as DIR or GET).

    Please check this out and see if it works. To test it, you can try to FTP directly to our ftp server with the login and password I sent last time and see if you can do a DIR or GET command successfully.

    [From site:] After working with our network department, we were unable to get active FTP mode to work. I discovered that passive mode worked, so I inserted the word passive into the ftp_opts variable in the sp.config file, as there is not an option to enter that in the Prepare/Update Environment menu. It is now working to download the SPs.

    [From another site:] We got this to work - we needed to open the FTP service.

    [And another:] [From site:] For security reasons, we configured our server firewall (IP Filter) to turn off access to the standard FTP protocol which does not allow for passive ftp mode. As a workaround we tried connecting to using ncftp, which does allow for passive ftp mode. This works.

    So, in $aleph_proc, we created two new scripts called new_util_sp_02 and new_util_sp_ftp. These are modeled after util_sp_02 and util_sp_ftp except for a few lines that call on ncftp and not standard ftp. We run new_util_sp_02 from the command prompt and not through util (in other words, we have left the ExLibris util scripts and service menu as-is). After this script finishes (essentially - step 2 of the regular SP process), we receive an email telling us whether or not it is successful. If successful, we then run step 4.
    We ran new_util_sp_02 this morning followed by step 4 and successfully downloaded and installed SP 1485 in our test environment.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013