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    p_cir_19 (claims-returned report) producing a blank report

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I've tried running p_cir_19 to find the number of claims-returned items. I tried running it using the date range for Ford and came up with an empty report. The date range was 20040801 - 20071029.

    According to the Version 18 users guide cir_19 either uses the z36_status (for "today's" report) or the z35_event_type (for a date range). I've checked the z tables and have found that there should be some entries for a report of claims returned items and sub library Ford.

    The p_cir_19_1.sql and p_cir_19_2.sql procs, called by the $aleph_proc/p_cir_19 proc, are designed to look at the z35_event_type (for event type "66") and the z35_event_date. It seems that there's a problem with this.

    Since in most cases a site would want all the claims-returned cases for a particular sublibrary / borrower-status to appear on the report, we have created a special version of p_cir_19_2.sql which does not read the z35 and *does* work, thus, circumventing the above problem.

    See Additional Information in regard to the p_cir_19_1.sql.

    Contact Jerry Specht for more information.

    (Staff can read the internal Note below.)

    Additional Information

    When you specify a date-range the p_cir_19 proc needs to call p_cir_19_1.sql which reads the z35 looking for a z35_event_type '66' with z35_rec_key (item key) and z35_id (patron id) matching the z36 loan record. (When you don't specify a date, it calls p_cir_19_2.sql instead.) xxx50@ALEPHSUS> select z309_rec_key, z309_rec_key_3 from z309 where z309_action = '18' and z309_date_x > '20140209'; **** Hit return to continue **** Z309_REC_KEY Z309_REC_KEY_3 --------------------------- --------------- NF20133 201402126730663 031021148000010 NF50480 201402136774146 000564124000010 Looking at the case of 031021148, we see this: xxx50@ALEPHSUS> select z35_id, Z35_EVENT_DATE from z35 where z35_rec_key = '031021148' and z35_event_type = '66'; **** Hit return to continue **** Z35_ID Z35_EVENT_DATE ------------ -------------- SCR20140215 20140212 That is, the z35_id doesn't match because the cir-23 Service has "scrubbed" the z35_id. I tried to change the proc to read the z36_id instead, but it's ... complicated -- and doesn't work. The only choices I see are 1. run cir-23 to scrub the patron IDs from z35 records only after the cir-19 from-date that you are interested in has passed (so the z35-id is not changed to "SCR...."). 2. don't specify any dates; the report will have all the outstanding "claims-returned" loans for this ADM on it 3. create an SQL report (using the z309) to list this information.

    • Article last edited: 3/10/2014