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    util x: "cls: Command not found" and "start_proc00: Command not found"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    Following the instructions in the > Ex Libris Documentation Center > Aleph > Support > How To from Support by subject > Miscellaneous > "How to add UTIL X to the job list" document, the following errors occur when the jobs are released from the job_list:

    1. "cls: Command not found" and
    2. "start_proc00: Command not found".

    Parameters not being passed to the called procedure. (See Additional Information below.)

    * Change util_x_01_auto to this:

    # dlib to XXX01
    source $aleph_proc/def_local_env
    source $aleph_proc/util_x_01 << EOF

    (where "y", "60", and "y" are the parameters which would have been placed in the input_for_util_1_0 file).

    * Do the same for util_x_02_auto, etc.

    Additional Information

    When a procedure is submitted by `csh -f` command, it gets its own environment variables and does not inherit them from the calling procedure. That is why the start_p0000 process, which is set by the def_local_env as alias, is not known in the util_x_01 called procedure.

    To pass the environment variables from the calling procedure to the called procedure, submit the called procedure with `source` and not `csh -f`.

    Imbedding the parameters in the procedure makes the creation/maintenance of the $aleph_proc/input_for_util_x_0 files unnecessary.

    • Article last edited: 7/31/2014