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    Best Practice Toolkit: Automatically Upload and Harvest COUNTER Usage Data via SUSHI Protocol

    What is it?

    Many vendors can provide COUNTER usage data statistics. In some cases, you receive this information in a file and you need to upload the information to Alma manually. If your vendor supports the SUSHI protocol, it allows Alma to automatically retrieve and upload the data automatically for you to be able to calculate cost per use in Alma Analytics easily.


    1. set up SUSHI account:

    • Ensure that a subscriber was defined for your institution You configure subscribers on the Subscribers code table (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > General > Subscribers)
    • Go to Acquisitions > Acquisitions infrastructure > Vendor > Edit> Usage Data > click Add SUSHI Account>>select SUSHI version 4 or version 5> input the necessary information (those with *), your Requester ID & Customer ID > Test Connection (to check you can connect to the Vendor)> save

    You can also set up a SUSHI account via DARA as well

    • Click DARA> select Load Usage Data in the Category area as shown below> you will be prompted directly to the SUSHI account creation page by clicking the right-hand side “Create SUSHI account” button. Continue to click “I am ready”.



    DARA will bring you to the SUSHI account creation page. You will need to enter the Requester ID and your Customer ID. The setup is complete after you click save. You can also test the connection by clicking the buttons on the right if you want to.


    2. On the Search Vendors page (Acquisitions > Acquisitions Infrastructure > Vendors), you can filter the table to display only SUSHI-enabled vendors by selecting SUSHI Vendor in the Vendor Type filter. Note that a vendor may be SUSHI-enabled even if it does not have a SUSHI account.


    3. To manage the SUSHI Harvesting job as an Acquisitions Administrator or General System Administrator:

    Go to the Acquisitions Jobs Configuration Page (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > General > Acquisition Jobs Configuration):


    4. To activate the SUSHI harvesting job, select Active and select a valid scheduling option in SUSHI harvesting job (options exist for weekly or monthly job runs).

    5. To run the job immediately, select Run Now.


    To download the usage report, go to Acquisition > Acquisition infrastructure > Vendor > click the vendor where the SUSHI account is set up > Edit> Usage Data > Uploaded Files > Download.

    The “Uploaded files” are the usage reports created automatically and regularly.

    Sample usage report:


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