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Best Practice Toolkit: Auto Holdings Update

What is it?

Alma enables institutions to automatically update electronic holdings from information providers. The method is to set up a scheduled integration profile.

This eases the library staff workload in managing electronic holdings by automatically activating and updating library specific eResources and eliminating any manual work process.

This is currently supported with ProQuest Ebook Central, Ovid, Springer and Elsevier electronic holdings. Set up steps are similar.

Where is it?

Manage it in Configuration Menu > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles

To set up auto holdings update:

Using Proquest Ebook Central as an example. Beware: Do not activate your Ebook Central integration profile in Alma until you have confirmed with ProQuest Support that your account was activated and Ebook Central files have begun publishing to Alma. If the Alma Ebook Central integration profile is activated and scheduled before ProQuest has started to publish the relevant files, the job will fail.

  1. Select Add Integration Profile on the Integration Profiles page
  2. For the Integration Type parameter, select Upload Electronic Holdings from the drop-down list.
  3. For the Vendor parameter, select ProQuest Ebook Central from the drop-down list.
  4. Only one ProQuest Ebook Central integration profile may be created.
  5. Optionally, enter a description and select Next.
  6. Complete the details, including the schedule you wanted of this profile, in the Upload Electronic Holdings section using the information provided by the ProQuest Books division for the trial and referencing the table below.
  7. Click Save or Save and Run Now to run the job now. 

Reporting is provided for the job that runs the ProQuest Ebook Central integration profile.

Refer to the Monitor Jobs History tab (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs) to view the Upload electronic holdings report that is generated from running this job. See below for an example report.