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    How to - An example of using Selection Steps in Alma Analytics to gather all loans for a title by one barcode

    Created By: Stacey van Groll
    Created on: 7/11/2019

    Selection Steps are a very handy feature of OBIEE, but Oracle documentation can be a learning curve all of its own.

    What’s really needed is guidance via practical examples of how Library Staff using Alma Analytics could use this feature to better interrogate our Alma specific data.

    This is one example.


    Use case: I want to be able to use a single barcode in a prompt and get a report which shows all the barcodes for the MMSID and all the loans for all the barcodes for that MMSID


    • Start a New > Analysis in the Physical Items subject area
    • Build your analysis as you wish in Criteria with MMSID, Barcode, Title, Loans measurements etc
    • Filter your report by the MMSID so you can move to Results with a small dataset
    • Open the Selection Steps at the bottom of the screen
    • Find the MMSID step and click on Then Next Step underneath it
    • Choose Apply a Condition in the menu which appears
    • Click on the Condition dropdown menu and choose the bottom entry of "All X values where Y = values"
    • Change the Action from Add to Keep Only
    • Click on the Column dropdown and find Physical Item Details.Barcode in the fields list
    • Enter in your MMSID
    • Tick to Override with Prompt
    • Click OK
    • Your Results tab will look like the second image below
    • Go to the Prompts tab
    • Add a prompt for equal to Barcode
    • Go to the Criteria tab
    • Delete your original MMSID filter
    • Save your report
    • Run your report using a single barcode and see that the loan results returned are for all barcodes for the MMSID of the original barcode




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