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    More Tips for Contributing to the Community Knowledge Center

    Created By: Joan Kolarik
    Created on: 8/24/2019

    Customer contribution tips from Ex Libris

    • Know the limits on size
    • Don't duplicate
    • PUBLIC in Google - nothing too personal
    • Numbered vs bulleted lists 
    • and much more

    More Suggestions

    Single-issue only - cover only 1 topic

    WYSIWYG editor has Source button

    • can copy/paste from other WYSIWYG editor
    • can save standard format (such as email), then copy/paste

    Consistent terminology helps, for example, in action descriptions:

    • Dialog boxes and windows open, they do not appear or display
    • Dialog boxes and windows close, they are not dismissed, cancelled or x’ed out
    • Click a button in a dialog box, do not hit, select or press 
    • Press a keyboard key, do not hit, type or depress it 

    It's a lot to think about, but the goal is:  simple, succinct, uncluttered, unambiguous, accurate, findable, reusable, thorough, unique


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