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    Brief Level Definition in the Alma CZ

    The level of enrichment for Alma Community Zone records is varied based on many factors and availability of MARC records.

    In order to make this information more accessible to the community, we have set up a scale to help identify the “Brief Level” of each record, with 01 being the briefest level and 10 the richest.


    Each record in the CZ has been reviewed by an automated process to assess the relevant Brief Level.


    NOTE: There is currently a known issue causing some records to receive a null (“-“) Brief Level. We are aware of this issue and running frequent corrections until the permanent code-fix is available.


    The definitions for the Brief Level scale were discussed and reviewed with the CZ Management Group, collaborating Content Providers and Librarians.

    A significant consideration was the brief level definition differences between print and electronic records, which was taken into account here.

    There are also unique rules applied for Monographs and Serials, as necessary due to their unique natures.


    Brief Level/Type




    CKB ID and title

    CKB ID and title


    No identifiers and no authors

    No identifiers and no authors


    No authors

    Missing 010 OR 016



    Missing 050 AND 082 AND 650


    Missing Subjects

    Missing  Subjects



    Missing 050 AND 082 AND Missing all subjects


    No publisher data

    No publisher data


    Missing 505 AND 520 



    No ISBN

    No ISSN


    All the rest

    All the rest


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