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    "No content in prolog" error appears for SIS when file was zipped on a Mac

    • Product: Alma


    A "No content in prolog" error is appearing when trying to run the SIS job. How can this error be resolved?


    There is an issue with the default OS zip program on Mac. A hidden file (called __MACOSX) is added to the zip file by this program, which makes the file unreadable/unloadable via SIS. If possible, we would advise you to download a different zipping program (such as YemuZip, and make sure that you select Type: PC when saving) so the hidden file is not added. The command line can also be used to zip the file without adding __MACOSX.

    If you view the file on a Windows machine, the hidden file is visible.

    • Article last edited: 29-Mar-2022