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    Add bibliographic or holding fields to Alma Analytics

    • Product: Alma


    How can additional bibliographic and holding MARC21 fields be added to Alma Analytics?


    Up to 10 (30 starting in the June 2024 release) bibliographic fields can be reported in Alma Analytics under Bibliographic Details as 'Local Param' fields from 1 to 10.

    Additionally, up to 10 Holding fields can be added to the Holding Details dimension of the Physical Items subject area as Holding Local Parameters (1-10)

    • In order to implement this feature, contact Alma Support. The execution and deployment of the configuration change will be done in the next extract of data to Analytics (expected to run on a nightly basis)
    • All MARC fields other than control fields can be added as local parameters. Accordingly, the field must be greater than or equal to 010.

    Note also this:

    • New from August 2023: If you want to have the labels of the local parameters displayed in analytics, configure the analytics_display_local_params parameter (Configuration > Analytics > General Configuration > Other Settings) to true.
    • Subfields can be maintained in the Analytics fields identified for Local Param. When this capability is implemented, fields/subfields appear in Alma Analytics with the Alma subfield delimiter (either $$ or ‡) used to delineate the subfield content. Contact Support to enable this feature. Note that reindexing is required to fully implement this capability.  It will apply to all Local Param fields, but not any other out-of-the-box fields.
    • Any change and reindexing applies only on bib and holding records which are "In Repository".  Here is a visual:
      • 7149824_Local.png


    Question for Network Zone participating Institutions

    If there are multiple Local Parameters set for different Institution Zones within a Network Zone, what  parameters will be displayed in the Network Zone?


    Network environments have their own local parameters, the same as any other institution, but Networks can also see the IZ local params in addition to their own.

    For example:

    IZ #1: Local Parameter 01 = 901
    IZ #2: Local Parameter 01= 999

    NZ : Local Parameter 01 = 953

    To see local parameters for IZ members or for the NZ environment, add the “institution code” field and filter it on the institution of your choosing. The report will have the Network Zone Label, but the data will be from the IZ’s local parameter.

    Additional Information

    Find more in the documentation:

    Analytics Configuration – Other Settings




    • Article last edited: 11-MAY-2024
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