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    Adding MARC bibliographic field (e.g. 500, note) to a 9xx Local Params field in Analytics

    • Product:Alma



    Analytics "Bibliographic Details" shared dimension can be enriched the with additional information stored in MARC 9XX local fields in Alma. how to copy a MARC21 field to a local field?



    To copy the content of the bibliographic MARC21 field to a 9xx field :

    1. Define a Normalization Rule. This could be an example for the rule: 

    rule "copy 500 Field to 901 Field" 




    copyField "500" to "901" 


    Change this Rule as applicable (e.g. copy any other field or choose a 9xx field other than 901). 

    2. Save and test the normalization rule in the Metadata Editor. It is highly recommended to test a normalization rule before running it as a process. 

    3. Add the new rule as a process in: Configuration > Resources > Metadata Configuration > MARC21 Bibliographic > Normalization Processes (tab) > Add Process. 

    4. To run the normalization process on a group of records - create a set and run a job "MARC 21 Bib Normalization". 

    5. Contact Ex Libris Support to add the selected 9xx field (e.g. 901) to Analytics. 

    6. Once the extract to Analytics runs, the "Local Param" field in Analytics will contain the needed field.


    Additional Information

    Examples for Normalization Rules as well as detailed how to add a normalization process to Alma and run it on a set, please click here to get to "Presentation and Documents - Rules".




    • Article last edited: 12-JUN-2018