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    Analytics report based on a keyword repository search

    • Product: Alma


    How to create an Analytics report based on a keyword repository search in Alma? Can a logical (or itemized) set be used?


    It is possible to take a set from Alma, and use it as a filter in Analytics.

    The steps were:

    1. Run a search in Alma and save to a set
    2. Export the list, using Excel.
    3. Manipulate the needed field (e.g. of barcodes), to be stored in one row, with semicolon separating them (e.g. 365704-340;365704-350).
    4. Copy this list as a row to be used as a filter in Analytics

    This is how the filter looks like: 




    Additional Information


    Steps to use the Excel data and "flatten" to a row with semicolons:

    1. Create a column of semicolons next to the column of barcodes in Excel
    2. Copy into Notepad
    3. Replace and remove any spaces
    4. Copy the combined information to Excel
    5. Copy and "Paste Special > Transpose".