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    Base URL Configuration

    Product: Alma


    In order for a third party to display the Alma Services page, a base URL needs to be configured.


    For Primo, use the following format:


    • Primo_domain – Specify the Primo Front End server and port. In the case of multiple FE servers, use the server that serves as the load balancer.

    • Primo_institution_code – Specify the institution code used in Primo.

    • Primo_view_code – Specify the code of your Primo view.

    For example:

    For Primo VE, use the following format:


    • Primo_domain – Specify the domain for your Primo server.

    • Alma_institution_code – Specify the institution code defined in Alma.

    • view_code – Specify the code that is defined for your view on the View Configuration page. For example: 01MY_INST:MyView.

    For example:

    If your vendors do not support the above format, which includes a question mark (?) before the parameters, use the following format:


    For example:

    Additional Information

    Please refer to the relevant Alma-Primo integration or Primo VE documentation.

    Article last edited: 20-Aug-2018