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    Delete Ledger and override: "Funds associated with this Leger have transactions, you must delete them before proceeding"

    • Product: Alma


    Trying to delete a Ledger or a Fund causes an error:

    "Funds associated with this ledger have transactions, you must delete them before proceeding."

    How to go ahead and delete the Ledger or the Fund? The library already created new ones that are now active.


    If a Ledger or Fund are not needed any more, they can be deleted.

    The steps are:

    1. Find the Ledger or Fund at: Acquisitions Infrastructure > Funds and Ledgers

    2. Click "Delete" action button.

    If the fund (or funds associated with the ledger) has no associated transactions, encumbrances, or expenditures, it is deleted. If a ledger is deleted, all the funds associated with the ledger are also deleted.

    Support experience:  Sometimes it is not possible to delete the Fund or Ledger, in this case - EDIT the needed resource and then click the "Delete" button in any of the fund’s/ledger‘s tabs.

    Additional Information

    See also Deleting Funds and Ledgers in the Online Help

    • Article last edited: 20-JUL-2017