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    Disable scheduled prompt to change Internal User password in Alma

    • Product: Alma



    How to disable or manage a scheduled prompt to change an internal user password?


    1. Navigate to: Configuration Menu > User Management > General > Other Settings

    2. Edit: days_password_change 

    3. The number of days (up to 9999) that a new password is valid, from the time the user is created or their password is updated. If empty, the password is valid indefinitely. The default is 90. Note that this affects only Alma passwords and not Primo passwords.

    4. Click Save


    It is our experience that the change is not in effect immediately.  Every user has a password expiry date according to the value of "days_password_change". If this parameter changes now, the password expiry dates will not be changed instantly. Instead the value remains the same. Only when the user is prompted again to change their passwords, the expiry date will reflect the new value.

    Reference from Knowledge Article: parameter days_password_change has apparently no effect.



    Additional Information

    Click here for the Alma Online Help page regarding: Configuring Other Settings (User Management).



    • Article last edited: 17-JUL-2018