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    E-inventory report ; searching for Proxy Enabled

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: Jan 2018 Release



    We need to do some cleanup on our proxy links. We currently have a mixture of portfolios that are part of a collection and some not. Also some have the proxy enabled and some don't. 

    We would like to generate the following lists: 

    * collections that have the proxy enabled, which proxy configuration is being used and which collections do not have the proxy enabled 

    * list of portfolios that are not attached to a collection, is the proxy enabled/disabled, what the url is for each in the linking information. 
    We have looked at the E-inventory subject area in analytics and was unable to find this information. 

    It looks like we can search for the url within Alma for individual portfolios, so maybe that gets me partway there? Except that probably also includes portfolios that are part of a collection. 


    Currently there is no way to search for 'Proxy Enabled' on the Service level in the Alma UI.  Our developers are currently working on this and have assigned a target release date of Q3 2018. 


    • Article last edited: 5-Feb-2018