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    EDI Invoice: Retrieve VAT amount from MOA+124 of the invoice level

    • Product: Alma


    Why Alma doesn't retrieve the correct VAT amount from the MOA+124 field of the invoice level?


    The EDI invoice file should be corrected.

    Make sure to remove all the MOA+124 fields from the lines level.

    No configuration is needed in Alma.


    Additional Information

    Alma can retrieve the VAT amount from the MOA+124 field of the invoice level or of the lines level, but not from both.

    When the invoice lines hold the MOA+124 field, Alma will calculate the VAT total amount based on the MOA+124 fields of the invoice lines.

    The MOA+124 field of the invoice level will be ignored.

    In order for Alma to retrieve the VAT amount from the invoice level, the MOA+124 field should be held only for the invoice level and be removed from the lines level.


    Please also see the relevant documentation in the developer's network all of our EDI standards are based on EDIfact standard links to complete EDIfact documentation is also in the developer network pages:

    • Article last edited: 05-Apr-2017


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