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    How to Bulk Change PO Line Status?

    • Product: Alma


    How can I change the status of a large number of PO lines in bulk?


    This is a two step process: first creating a set, and then running a job.

    1. Create a set by going to Admin > Manage Sets.
    2. Click 'Add a Set'.
      • Set can be itemized or logical.
      • If itemized, an Excel file of the affected PO lines will be necessary.
    3. Create and save the set.

    Once the set is created:

    1. Go to Admin > Run a Job.
    2. Select the 'Change PO Lines Status' job.
    3. Select your set.
    4. Choose the status to which to change the PO lines.
    5. Click 'Submit'.

    Additional Information

    When closing PO lines, the option to Force Close is made available. This may be necessary in some instances. Open a support case if you have further questions.

    Please note that PO lines in a status of In Review, Ready, or Sent can't be changed to Closed. Only PO lines in a status of Waiting for Invoice, Waiting for Renewal, or Waiting for Manual Renewal can be Closed.

    Please refer to the Manual Jobs documentation for more information on the 'Change PO Lines Status' job.

    • Article last edited: 14-Oct-2022
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