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How to create a list of Titles and ISBNs of Physical Titles from Analytics

  • Product: Alma



How to create a list of titles and ISBNs out of Alma? This can be used in order to compare with lists of records, e.g. eBooks, from other sources.


Analytics can be used to export a concise list of Titles and ISBNs.

1. In Analytics, decide if to query "Physical Items" subject area (or if you wish to check list of electronic titles, use the "E-Inventory" subject area).

2. Create a new report based on criteria of your choice.

-- One library opted to query only titles with material type = book, not suppressed from Primo, include OCLC number ("Network Number"), and Classification Information. Here is a screen-take:

3. Run the report and export to CSV.  

-- At the moment (August 2016) limit is of 250,000 rows but plans exist to enhance this scope.


An example can be found in: /Shared Folders/Community/Reports/EXL ISBN for Physical Items with the Alma MMS ID

You may wish to limit further, e.g. by Resource Type = Book Physical.


Additional Information

To check if the list will bypass the export limit, create a count of your titles:

1. Leave only the information wishing to count (that is, remove ISBN, titles)

2. Include the field: Bibliographic Details > MMS ID

3. Click the field > Edit formula

4. Click: f(...) 

5. Select: Functions > Aggregate > Count

Here is a movie:


If exceeding the limit, filter the report based on Location, Call Number shelf range, etc.



  • Article last edited: 15-AUG-2016