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How to delete bibliogaphic records?

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How can bibliographic records be deleted?


Bibliographic records can be deleted by running the job ‚Delete bibliographic records’ on a previously created set.

  1. Create the set of bibliographic records which should be deleted.
  2. In order to do so, perform a repository search to find the records and save the query.
  3. Under Alma Menu > ‘Run a Job’ choose the job ‘Delete Bibliographic records’
  4. Click ‘Next’ and choose the previously created set on which the job should be run
  5. Click ‘Next’
  6. Choose Task Parameters to decide what should happen if a record is related to other records and how associated inventory should be treated
  7. Click ‘Next’ to schedule the job
  8. Submit.



  • Article last edited: 26-July-2016