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How to implement a normalization rule in Alma Metadata Editor

  • Product: Alma


What are the steps of composing and implementing a Normalization Rule?


  1. Go to Resources > Cataloging > Open Metadata Editor > verify you're using the New MD Editor
  2. On the Left pane of screen click on Rules tab > New > Normalization 
  3. To work with existing Normalization Rules: 
    • Open MD Editor > Rules Tab > inside the Left pane you can view existing rules under Private, Shared, or Community
      Existing Normalization Rules
  4. Test the rule on a record:
    • In Records Tab open the record you want to test on
    • Select the split screen icon Split Screen Icon.pnglocated in the Left pane
    • Go to Rules tab
    • Click on Rule. This will cause the rule to show up in the split screen
    • Click Preview. The rule will be replaced by the Normalization rules preview.
    • Either click 'Back to normalization rules' or 'Apply changes' located at the bottom of the Normalization rules preview side
  5. Create a Normalization Process:
    • Configuration Menu > Resources > Cataloging > Metadata Configuration 
    • Select one of the profile links, for example: MARC21 Bibliographic
    • Click on Normalization Processes tab
    • Click Add Process and complete the Process Details wizard steps
    • Add a Task Step > click Add Tasks > Select the MarcDroolNormalization process from the Process list > Add and Close
    • Task Parameters Step > choose Author Number Generation Routine from drop-down menu
    • Click Save
  6. Run the MARC21 Bib normalization job on a set of titles


Additional Information

Working with Normalization Processes

  • Article last edited: 21-Apr-2021