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    How to move holdings without items to another location

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    We want to move holding records to another physical location but the job "Change holdings information" runs on a set of physical items. How can this information be changed for empty holding records, i.e. holding records without any physical items.


    You can move the holdings to other locations by the following workflow: first create a set of physical titles by Permanent Physical Location, then run the "Change Holding Information" job on that set to use a normalization process on the records. The steps in detail:

    1. Create the set.
    2. Create and save a normalization rule (MD Editor > File > New > Normalization rules) similar to the following (example: MUS is the new library and music is the new location)--

    rule "Replace all values with MUS in 852 $$b (unconditional) and all values with music in 852 $$c (unconditional)"
    replaceContents "852.b.*" with "MUS"
    replaceContents "852.c.*" with "music"

    3. In Resource Management > Configuration Menu > Metadata Configuration, click MARC 21 Holding.
    4. On the Normalization Processes tab, click Add Process.
    5. Fill in name and description on the General Information tab.
    6. On the Task List tab, check the box for Marc Drool Normalization and hit Add To Selection.
    7. On the Task Parameters tab, choose your normalization rule from Step 6 from the dropdown.
    8. Save
    9. (optional but recommended) Test the process on a single holdings record by using the MD Editor > Edit > Enhance the Record.
    10. To run the batch normalization on your set of physical titles, go to Administration > Manage Jobs > Run a Job.
    11. Select the Change Holding Information job and hit Next.
    12. Select your set.
    13. Check the box for "Correct the data using normalization rules".
    14. Select your normalization process from steps 7-12 from the dropdown and hit Next.
    15. Hit Next.
    16. Review the options and hit Submit.



    • Article last edited: 05-April-2016
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