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    How to upload a list of Fund allocations from a file to Alma?

    • Product: Alma


    How to upload allocations to Funds through a file?


    1. Prepare an input file. Here is an example of an Excel file:
    ART 5 500    


    Fill in:

    • The FISCAL_PERIOD_ID is found in: Configuration > Acquisitions > General > Fund and Ledger Fiscal Period
    • AMOUNT
      • To reduce Allocation, create a minus sum, such as: -100
      • Not mandatory to have value in this column
      • Not mandatory to have value in this column
    1. Verify that you have access to an FTP server, as set-up in: Configuration > General > Integration Profiles > Integration Type: Finance > for example: "ERP"
    2. In the above integration profile > "Actions" tab > find the section "FUNDS ALLOCATION LOADER"
    3. Note the subdirectory (you may need to change it, as long as it exists in the FTP server as configured in step #2)
    4. Modify the input file - keep it small at least in the beginning when you test
    5. Load the file to the FTP server as configured above
    6. Open again the Integration Profile > Actions > Find the section "FUNDS ALLOCATION LOADER" > make sure that the Loader section is "Active", and "Run"


    The job which will run is: Update Fund Tx Job.


    Additional Information

    Read here about "Financial Systems" Integration Profiles

    And more about the "Funds Allocation Loader – Fund Allocation Loader (called Update Fund Tx Job in the list of scheduled jobs)"





    • Article last edited: 2-JUL-2023
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