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    Is serial number required on new BIAF label installation?

    • Product: Alma

    Problem Symptoms

    When trying to install the BIAF software, staff are able to download by going to the ftp site and following these instructions:

    1. Obtain the current login credentials for the BIAFLabel software from your local Ex Libris implementation or support staff
    2. Download the BIAFLabel software
      1. FTP server:
      2. User: public
      3. Password: ___________
      4. Directory: ___________
      5. Filename: BIAFLABEL-2012.EXE

    But when trying to install (on a Windows 7 machine), a screen pops up indicating that a serial number is required. Is this something Ex Libris provides?


    Serial number is not needed; registration options need to be set up for OEM Ex Libris version of BIAF.


    Set up BIAF as the OEM Ex Libris version.

    1. Create an empty text file called "BiafLabel.dat" in the directory where you installed BIAF.
    2. In the "Register" window of BIAF, click the three dots to the right of "Biaf Path"
    3. Choose the directory where you installed Biaf (and also now has the empty file called "BiafLabel.dat").
    4. Click "Register"
    5. Biaf Label program will open normally.

    Additional Information

    See also How to use BIAF program to print barcode and spine labels.ppt

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    • Article last edited: 26-Feb-2019