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    Is there a need to re-register bX after the transition from SFX to Alma?

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: Nov. 2017


    Is the bX export working correctly in Alma?

    Looking at the 'actions' panel for the bX profile in Alma it appears to require a bX token. 

    Is there a need to re-register for this? SFX was used previously. 


    The bX profiles are organized on the PC registrations page which can be accessed directly by the customer via Primo Back Office/institution wizard or by the link provided by Ex Libris.

    You need to register a client application "Alma" and enter the bX token in your Primo institution wizard. Then you will need to schedule harvesting from Alma for this profile and set this up with the link resolver base URL as documented here: 

    In the bX registration for SFX the scheduler has to be disabled.



    • Article last edited: 10-Nov-2017