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    Item Creation Date in Analytics

    • Product: Alma



    In the Physical Items subject area, there are two fields holding the item creation date:


    1. Physical Item Details > Creation Date
    2. Item Creation Date > Item Creation Date

    The "item creation date" field holds fewer data than the "creation date" field.


    Why is there a difference between these fields? Shouldn't they be identical?



    The "Item Creation Date" dimension has the following restriction: Date information is available going back 20 years.

    It is indeed working this way. In 2017, you find no dates earlier than 1997 using the "item creation date" but you will find them using the "creation date". This is because the "item creation date" dimension holds more detailed and complex information.


    Additional information

    The limitation was 10 years up to January 2017. It was extended to 20 years in the February 2017 release.



    • Article last edited: 15-February-2017
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