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    Batch delete Process Type "Technical - Migration", or putting items in place in bulk

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma



    How to batch delete the Process Type for a set of items, or make them available (in place)? This can help post-migration ("Technical Migration") and for other cleanup projects. Otherwise, sites need to Scan-In individually.


    Pending development, use this procedure:

    [1] Create a "Physical Items" set based on an advanced search
    (for example, add a condition where "Process Type" equals "Technical - Migration")

    [2] Run the job "Change Physical Items", flag the items as Missing, run it again to remove the Missing flag, and the items should be in place.


    There is just one switch to turn on, and later off, as seen here:

    Additional Information

    One library shares their solution:

    1. Copied the MMSID into the Repository Search
    2. Clicked the items link and found the item(s) barcode(s) and noted it down
    3. Clicked the Summary tab of each item barcode and found the item PID and noted it down
    4. Created an Excel spreadsheet with columns labeled "Barcode" and "Item PID", formatted the columns as "Text", and copied the item barcode and Item PID to each appropriate cell in each column (see attached Excel spreadsheet)
    5. Clicked Alma | Resource Management | Search and Sets | Manage Sets and clicked the "Add Set" button to create an itemized set with set content type, "Physical items" called "Items_not_in_place"
    6. Clicked Alma | Administration | Manage Jobs | Run a Job and selected the "Change Physical Items" job
    7. Ran the job against the "Items_not_in_place" set twice, first with the items set as "Missing" and second with the items set as blank

    And it worked! The items now show "Item in place".

    Bulk scan in can also be done use the "scan-in" API. See

    Last Modified: 27-OCT-2016