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Max. Number of Representations in View It - doesn't limit the number of electronic services

  • Product: Alma




The "max number of representations" setting does not seem to affect the View It tab in Primo. It is currently set to display (e.g.) 4 electronic resources, but more targets than this are displayed.

This was set up both in the Customer Parameters mapping table (Resource Management > Resource Configuration > Configuration Menu > General > Other Settings) and in the "Other Settings" of the Discovery Interface Display Logic.



The limit for maximum representations refers to how many digital representation services can be viewed in the ViewIt tab display. In all Alma - the term 'Representation' refers only to digital context.


Regarding electronic resources there is simply a limit of up to 25 resources.  This is confirmed in a separate Knowledge Article (


It is  possible to add conditions for display of services in the Fulfillment Configuration Menu > Display Logic Rules. But the list will be dynamically created, and won't necessarily be able to predict how many services will show up in each scenario. The maximum of services will be, as stated above, 25 (twenty five).


  • Article last edited: 04-AUG-2016