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    New Order Import Profile has Manual Handling Required and error "PO Line is not valid since it is linked to PO"

    • Product: Alma



    A "New Order" Import Profile job is in status "Manual Handling Required". Inspect the results and see errors such as: "PO Line * is not valid since it is linked to PO". How to solve this?


    This happens sometimes for a large input file (more than 50 records) and not all records were loaded, or for another reason just part of the intended bib records were imported to Alma.

    The solution is to edit the Import Profile, choose the "PO Line Informatio" tab, and:

    1. Remove the mapping for the "PO Number Field"
    2. Remove the mapping for the Invoice Number


    After the import is successful - you can map these fields to the Import Profile again.



    • Article last edited: 28-JUNE-2023
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