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    New resource request slip is printed when item information is changed

    • Product: Alma


    When a physical item request is in the pick from shelf stage, and then item information is changed, the resource request slip is printed a second time.

    Is this a defect?


    This is expected system behaviour.

    Every change of an item record is causing requests recalculation for that item, and every recalculation of a request is causing the Resource Request Slip to be printed/mailed. We do not have the possibility to know in advance if the changes on the item record will actually affect the request, and therefore requests are recalculated after every item update.

    We suggest to use the following workflow:
    1) The requested item arrives at the library's circulation desk.
    2) Scan In the item with setting "Place directly on Hold Shelf = No".
    3) Edit the item (i.e. add or change the barcode). Save.
    4) Scan In the item again with setting "Place directly on Hold Shelf = Yes.
    This way the request slip is not sent again.

    Step 2) is only possible if the circulation desk that you are working with has the setting "Has Hold Shelf Processing = Yes".




    • Article last edited: 04-Aug-2017