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    No Results for Citation Linker Article Title Search

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    Why doesn’t an article title search in Citation Linker return results?

    1. Students are given the following full-text article citation to retrieve:

    Semeniuk, Ivan. Et al. “Obama resists research cuts.” Nature News. 2011.

    2. Go to Primo’s Citation Linker in the main menu
    3. Select Article Tab. Paste in Article Title. Press ‘go’.
    4. Result: No full-text available.
    5. Expected result: to be taken to full-text article as we are with Primo Central with an article title search.


    * Citation Linker is based on the SFX KnowledgeBase.
    * SFX holds titles of Journals and Books, not titles of Articles.

    Response for example:
    * Since SFX does not hold Article Titles, Citation Linker needs additional citation information to produce a match.
    * Specify the ISSN or Journal title to link to the relevant Object is recommended.
    * In addition, as much of the date (year, month), volume, issue or start page as possible is suggested.
    * If ISSN and year are added for the example in Citation Linker, an SFX menu will appear with full-text targets for the Journal and Year.

    Additional Information

    * Citation Linker does not need the Article Title field to be entered.
    * Other citation fields related to journal, dates and pages are more critical to SFX.

    * Citation Linker can be made available via the SFX menu rather than via the Primo menu. This might emphasize the connection to citation data more visible than can be made apparent in Primo.
    * Should Citation Linker remain in Primo, label changes can be made in the Citation Linker Label code table to emphasize the need for Citation data and the SFX/citation nature of the data.

    Category: Interoperability - Primo

    Subject: SFX - Primo

    • Article last edited: 6/16/2014