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    Totals for LC Classifications > Classification Code don't match those for LC Classifications > Classifications Dimension

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: Feb 2018 Release



    Comparing the totals for Expenditures by  LC Classifications > Classification Code to those for LC Classifications > Classifications Dimension, we find that the totals match for non-print but do not match for print.  
    (Note:  The Classifications Dimension does match the FY Total Committed Allocations.)  

    The only difference we can see between the dimensions is that one provides the top-line LC class code and one provides the terminology/subject area corresponding to the LC class code. The two are interdependent, so we're not sure why utilizing one of these dimensions rather than the other would eliminate some expenditures from the analysis. 

    Do these two dimensions actually draw on different data points (which could explain the discrepancy in totals)? Our current theory is that orders that have been sent but not closed might account for the difference, but as of yet we haven't been able to demonstrate this.



    This issue is currently still being looked at by Development.


    • Article last edited: 21-Feb-2018