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    Why do searches for "Electronic Titles", "Physical Titles" or "Digital Titles" produce no results in the Network Zone?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    Why do searches that specify a title type (e.g. "Electronic Titles"), conducted within the Network Zone ( NZ ) produce 0 results, while "All Titles" searches in the NZ do produce even though the Material/Medium type is "Electronic" (Computer File, Electronic Resource etc.)?


    Alma determines what is an "Electronic Title" for the purposes of repository searches by whether or not electronic inventory is attached to that title.


    Since the Network Zone, by its nature won't have electronic inventory attached ("Held by/Available for" indicates other institutions holding, not the Network Zone inventory), Electronic Titles searches will never produce results. In order to find these in the NZ it is needed to use the "Resource Type" or other conditions to single out these records.


    Article last edited: 08-Sep-2016