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    Creating PO Lines

    To create PO lines, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Purchasing Operator
    Creating a PO line is the first step in the Purchasing Workflow.
    You can create a PO line using any of the following methods:
    • Importing embedded order data (EOD) in a file: see Importing Records Using an Import Profile
    • Real-Time Ordering - Vendors can integrate their ordering system with Alma's repository and ordering features. Real-time order data is sent automatically to Alma from the vendor's system using Alma's APIs.
    • Manually Creating a PO Line - Manually initiate a purchase for a repository item, either with or without also creating new inventory.
    • Creating Service Subscriptions Without Inventory - Manually create a service subscription.
    • Working With Legal Deposits - For governments or national libraries that receive copies of publications at no charge from vendors, use legal deposits to create zero-value PO lines.
    • As a Purchase Request, or in response to purchase request made by a patron in Primo (when enabled, any user can perform this). These may also be created automatically based on certain criteria when a citation is added or edited (by a user with any role that can create a citation). See Configuring Automatic Purchasing Requests from Citations.
    • As a Patron Driven Acquisition - When a vendor sends e-resources to an institution that may be of interest to the institution. Access is monitored by the vendor; when a predefined threshold is exceeded, the item is considered as if it is purchased and is sent as part of an EOD to Alma.
    For more information, watch Creating Orders. (3:56 min)
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