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    Receiving Material

    To receive material, you must have the following role:
    • Receiving Operator
    The final step of the purchasing workflow is the receiving stage, in which the physical material that was ordered from a vendor is received (see Receiving Physical Material). If the PO line is for electronic material, it proceeds to the activation stage (see Activating Electronic Resources).
    Receiving Physical Material Within the Purchasing Workflow
    The following is a detailed description of the steps within this workflow (with the numbers corresponding to the numbers in the diagram):
    1. The physical material that was ordered from the vendor arrives.
    2. On receipt of the material, the system checks whether the material type is continuous. If the type is continuous, it proceeds to step 3. If the type is not continuous, it proceeds to step 4.
    3. The material is marked as Recurring Renewal (see Renewals).
    4. The physical material is received in the system according to its material type, either One-time or Continuous. For details, see Receiving Physical Material.
    5. The final step in the receiving workflow is to await the invoice from the vendor or to create the invoice in Alma (see Invoicing).
    Watch the Receiving Workflows video series (3 videos).
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