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    Booking Configuration


    This page describes the configuration required for setting up a booking service. For links to all the main fulfillment documentation pages see Fulfillment.


    Invoke the relevant Booking configuration settings, as follows:

    Configuration Settings

    The following booking configuration settings can be set. For full details see Configuring Item Policies.

    • Booking release time – Indicates how long after the booking request takes effect that the block on loaning the resource to other patrons is canceled, if the resource has not been collected.
    • Is item bookable – Indicates whether booking is allowed for the specified item.
    • Maximum allowed booking length – Indicates the maximum permitted duration of the booking request.
    • Preview period – Indicates the amount of time prior to the booking period that the requester can borrow the item and fulfill the booking request. During this period, the booking request is considered active, and an item cannot be borrowed by another patron during a configured preview period. Similarly, a patron who borrows an item reserved for booking must return it by the configured preview period.

      Even if no preview period is configured, if the requester borrows the item (which he/she has reserved for booking) as a regular loan which is to be due during the booking period, the requester is allowed to keep the item until the end of the booking period.

      Items for which the preview location is different than the owning library should extend their preview period to include both the preview time and the transit time between libraries.

    • Pickup locations – Indicates from where the item can be picked up.
    • Future limit – Indicates how far in advance an item can be reserved through a booking request.
    • Back to back booking – Indicates the minimum amount of time required between consecutive bookings (booking requests for the same resource & requester).
    • Purged request fee – A fee applied to an unfulfilled, expired booking request. 
    • Booking resolution – Defines the allowed resolution of a booking request.
    • Closed library booking management – Defines how to handle a booking request that includes closed hours for the library. 
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