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    Resource Sharing Directory FAQs


    Q: What is the Resource Sharing Directory?
    A: The directory is a central place with up-to-date information about resource sharing libraries in Alma.

    Q: How can I use the directory?
    A: The directory is available from the Alma resource sharing partner tab. No need to create a complex partner and locate definitions in Alma.

    Q: How does this help my library?
    A: By participating in the directory, other libraries can find your institution and send you requests the way you want to accept them, even when they are no longer using OCLC tools or other systems. This will reduce the number of requests coming through by email that need to be keyed in manually.

    Q: Do we need any Infrastructure work on our side, like for example to create FTP or anything similar?
    A: No. All communication is done via the Alma platform.

    Q: Will I be able to control which lending requests I get?
    A: Alma can automatically reject requests that you are unable to lend (similar to the deflection feature in OCLC).

    Q: How do I opt-in?
    A: Set up is done in Alma and is a very simple process taking a few minutes. The setup consists of letting people know who you are, where to find you and what you are able to loan. See here for instructions.

    Q: What if I handle resource sharing in ILLiad?
    A: No problem. When adding your library to the directory, there is an option to receive requests via Iliad as well as setting your ILLiad parameters. Note that for this to work, you need the ISO ILLiad component installed.

    Q: Can we push lending requests to Alma institutions from Illiad?
    A: Yes, you can push lending requests to Alma institutions from Illiad if you use the ISO component.

    Q: Is there integration between Alma and Worldshare?
    A: So far, the only integration is an option to send a borrowing request from Alma to Worldshare. This is exactly why we are making this effort. To prevent the need for Alma libraries to rely on OCLC integration and be able to use Alma for more than your close partners.

    Q: Is there an option to decide which libraries from which countries we can work with?
    A: When you define yourself in the directory, you can also state the countries you want to share with.

    Q: Once our details are added to the directory, what mechanism prevents or allows Alma libraries from adding us to their list of partners and sending us a request?
    A: in Alma Resource Sharing you must have both partners defined in order to receive lending and borrowing requests from both sides. If you do not want to receive requests from a particular institution, you do not need to have their partner defined under the institution tab. Meaning, if the other institution copies your partner's information but you don't copy theirs, they will not be able to send you requests.

    Q: Is it possible to join a Rapido Pod with only the resource sharing directory configured and without having Rapido?
    A: You can join Rapido pods without having Rapido. This will enable your Rapido partners to give visibility to their patrons on the terms of the POD etc. Note that for borrowing purposes, your Rapido partners will need to download your partner record from the directory and have terms of use defined for enabling resource sharing. Please contact us if you wish to join a Rapido pod.

    Q: I want to join but I need help or have a question.
    A: You can contact us at

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